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With age, lips often become paler and thinner and lose the definition in the lip area. Lip liner with lip blush or full lip blush will help to restore the fullness and definition to lips. The procedure of lip enhancement can enlarge the lip area and give them a much clearer contour. You can choose very natural color for definition only or a darker or more vibrant shade.

Lip blushing is a form of semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that enhances the lips‘ natural tint and shape, giving them a boost and a glossy touch. It’s designed to define and outline your lips, not to actually make them fuller. It gives the illusion that they’re fuller, but in a very natural way. 

Lip blush can be used to fix minor symmetry issues, camouflage scars, and add 30-40 percent more volume to the lips.

Permanent lip liner and permanent lip blush is a safe and natural-looking alternative to the expense and daily routine of applying makeup upon waking in the morning and oftentimes throughout the day. It is a state-of-the-art technique of permanently applying makeup via intradermal micropigmentation

Most lip blush tattoos are designed to last two to three years.


Lip blush tattoos take approximately 2.5 hours to complete from start to finish. Numbing cream is applied at the beginning of the appointment and stays on for approximately 20 minutes before the tattooing begins.

After the numbing, the shape is drawn using a bright-colored red or pink lip liner, Once the shape is drawn the tattooing process begins.


Before the treatment, there will be a short consultation, to patch test for pigment and anesthetic cream to exclude any possibility of developing an allergic reaction. A medical consent form to fill out will be given, to check for contraindications to the treatment.

If you have a history of cold sores (herpes simplex virus) you should take anti-herpes medication (prescription) for a week before your treatment and carry on taking it for a week after.

You can use a gentle scrub for a week or two before the treatment and moisturize your lips every day until the day of your appointment.

Please do not drink alcohol or take any blood-thinning medication like aspirin for two days before your treatment.


We use anesthetic cream to lower the discomfort level, and after the cream application, the only thing that clients can feel is the vibration of the needle touching the skin. Numbing before and during the process just allows for a more comfortable experience. In terms of pain, most would rate lip blush between 2-4 on a scale of 1-10. The pain is very mild. We have seen people fall asleep during the procedure.

Lip Blush Healing Precautions

For the entire duration of the healing process, keep your lips moisturized. Never allow them to dry or crack open. It is recommended that no other moisturizer is used other than Aquaphor, A&D ointment, or coconut oil until lips are healed entirely.

Makeup, such as lipstick and lipgloss, should also be avoided until the lips are fully healed.

The clients should be careful when eating following a lip blush tattoo. Avoid very big bites of food that could stretch the mouth and lead to cracking. Clients should also avoid extreme temperatures and spices during the healing process.

Don’t eat anything too hot or too cold, and nothing spicy, as the lips, will be more sensitive until fully healed.


Semi-permanent lip treatment cannot be performed during pregnancy, breastfeeding or on people suffering from viral, fungal and bacterial infections. Cancer and chemo patients should be at least 6 months after the last chemo treatment.

Other contraindications include but not limited to:
anemia, psoriasis in the treatment area, not controlled diabetes, steroid tablets in the last 6 months, blood-thinning medication, retinol cream in the treatment area, antibiotics in the last 3 weeks, active herpes outbreak, lip fillers within the last 8 weeks.


Lips should be moisturized very often, 3 times a day minimum, for 7-10 days after your treatment. We advise using a cream containing panthenol, for example, bepanthen cream.

After having your lips blushed / tattooed, the skin needs special care – a special barrier cream is applied to lips, it needs to stay there for 24 hours during which you do not touch the lip area and just leave them alone.

After 24 hours wash your lips well with sterile water or saline solution and apply the aftercare cream with a cotton bud. Please make sure you always use a fresh cotton bud when taking some cream so you will not infect the cream, and then re-infect your skin.

Use a straw for drinks and avoid hot and spicy food.

During the healing period, you should avoid the sauna, gym, swimming pool, and tanning.

If you have a history of herpes you should keep using your anti-herpes medication for a week

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