Ladies throw away your pencils, brow kits and stop the microblading, as there’s a new technique in town!

We have all seen the catwalk embracing a bushy brow iconic pairs on the runway in 2022… but what about those of us who have not been graced with full brows to start with? Who are heavily reliant on cosmetics to create that look? Well, at Brows By VJ we’ve got you covered.

Brows By VJ is proud to introduce a new brow trend on horizon among Hollywood celebs to Atlanta called Microfeathering which is meant to help beauty lovers gain a statement.

it is different from Microblading, or any other common brow treatment. Microfeathering gives the appearance of naturally thicker more sculpted eyebrows through semi-permanent pigmentation. It is a technique in which a row of needles is used to hand-draw tiny ‘hairs’ in each brow. The aim is to mimic the natural shape of your brow in precise detail to achieve a fuller, but natural, look.

Microfeathering is performed by depositing pigment superficially into the epidermis of the eyebrow. After numbing the area with a topical cream, small incisions are created, using a fine and very precise blade. The pigment is then deposited into the incisions, resulting in an incredibly natural-appearing “eyebrow hair.” Microfeathering is not a three-dimensional procedure and is therefore not meant to create an entirely new eyebrow, but more of a way to refine and define a beautiful eyebrow.

Microfeathering After & Before By "Brows By VJ"

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